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About SketchUp

SketchUp is an intuitive 3D modeling application that allows you to create and edit 2D and 3D models with the patented “Push and Pull” method. The Push and Drag tool allows designers to extract any flat surface into 3D shapes. All you have to do is click on the object and then start dragging it until you like what you see. SketchUp is a program used for various 3D modeling projects such as architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, and video game design, to name a few of its uses.


Turn idea into reality

Creating a model in SketchUp for the Web takes only three steps: 1. Open your favorite browser. 2. Launch SketchUp. 3. Get creative!.


Web supported software

With SketchUp for the Web, the canvas for your next idea is just a browser tab away. Our web-based modeler is a streamlined version of our desktop application that uses the same core technology. And, by saving projects to Trimble Connect, you're always working on the latest model version; You can even search version history. SketchUp for the Web also auto-save, so running modeling is restored the next time you push your browser a little too far.


JNIUS is here for you

Client is the most important for us. In addition to offering you the best and cheapest services, JNIUS also provides the best assistance services.

Jnius is committed to always prioritizing the satisfaction and comfort of our customers. After-sales service is one of the important parts that we offer to each of our prospective customers. You don't have to worry if you have trouble with after sales service, because the Jnius Support team is always ready to help! You can contact us: ( 021 ) 8373 3324 or email us: [email protected]


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