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As a MasterCAM Reseller in Indonesia, JNIUS provides the best service in providing CAD/CAM/CAE software license requirements to support the needs of manufacturing companies. Moreover, industries that require a very high level of design precision, of course need software that can facilitate the work process and its needs. MasterCAM offers CAD/CAM software tools for a wide range of programming needs, from basic to complex. Due to our innovative, flexible solutions and an excellent support network, our software is the most widely used in the manufacturing and education industries. Choose MasterCAM to streamline your production process from job setup to job completion.



Productivity+ gives you the ability to use Renishaw measuring probes on machine tools to update fixture offsets, tooling offsets, program orientation, and report critical dimensions and tolerances. It also assists in making light off and running machine tools without an operator. Productivity+ provides an easy-to-use platform for incorporating simple measurement functions and more advanced process intelligence into machining programs. It can simplify a variety of measurement and process control tasks, such as component setup, verification of critical features, and process development.


File Translator

File translator allows partial files to be imported and exported between programs. Mastercam includes a large selection of CAD model file translators, so wherever the part is made, it can be imported and modified as needed for machining purposes.

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Give your shop the best foundation for fast and efficient grinding. From general purpose methods such as optimized pockets to highly specialized tool paths such as 5-axis turbine cutting, with the MasterCAM Mill,​


MasterCAM for SOLIDWORKS® is an integrated software solution that combines the world's leading CAD with the world's most widely used CAM.


When you invest in a CNC router, you want the right software to drive it to maximize productivity and avoid downtime due to costly errors. MasterCAM Router delivers the right tools when you need them..


Our Lathe Solutions gives you a set of tools to turn your parts exactly the way you need them. MasterCAM Lathe provides roughing, grooving, threading, parting, boring, drilling and finishing routines for increased productivity.


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