Become Reseller

Becoming an Authorised Resller, Explore the Benefits of Becoming a Synnex Metrodata Indonesia Authorised Resellser

Access to our National Call Center and/or a Dedicated Account Manager

Access to Online Product Pricing and SpecialPromotions

Access to Our RA/Warranty System

Access to our Licensing Quotation System

Marketing Support (collateral, posters)

Subscription to our weekly e-Newsletter, e-Flashes, Bulletins

Invitaion to excluesive Synex Metrodata Indonesia Events and Seminars

Access to E-Commerce Quotation Tool

To become a Synnex Metrodata Indonesia Reseller you must complete the Reseller Application Form. Please ensure that you have read and agreed with the trading terms and conditions set out by Synnex Metrodata Indonesia and that all sections of the application form are completed and authorised by a Director, Senior Partner or Proprietor